As a community we work together so our children can...

eat good food

Good food helps us stay focused and learn more.

We love making great food!

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not worry about what they wear

A uniform means students don't have to worry about peer-pressure when it comes to their clothes.

We are an essential part of the well-being of the children in our community.

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have a great environment to learn in

We think the time spent working together on a project is just as important as the impact that project has on our children's learning.

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Sign up for a working bee

create and play together

Music and drama are vital parts of any community.  

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... and we adults can have fun together too!

Do you think life's better when shared?  We do.

We organise  events that bring the community together.

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Educational support.

As a community we also support the school through our involvement in the adopt-a-space and educational support programs; "by-your-side" & "together".

We also award the Jessica Franke Award to a year 12 student who displays passion to be an educator.