"A Friday Arvo Chat"

A forum for an informal chat about learning, how it is transforming & the THS Community.

Periodically the P&C hosts (drinks & nibbles supplied) an informal two-way open discussion between the THS Community learning facilitators and parents.

Friday, 29th of November 2019 @ 3PM,

Common Room, Block A (Map)

"A Friday Arvo Chat With David"

This chat is focused on the work the THS community is doing on its communication framework and how it best supports the learners (students) and their learning partners (teachers, staff etc) communicate the fantastic activity within the THS community.

Creating community wide shared-understanding (especially about learning transformation) and learner-lead authentic learning opportunities.

"This is a great opportunity to chat about some of our school community’s current initiatives – I hope you can join me for a chat."

David Arblaster (Principal, THS Community)

THS Community Communication Framework Diagram for discussion...

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You are still welcome even if you didn't RSVP, it just helps us plan if we have some idea of the number of people wanting to join the chat.

Please Note: All discussions are of a general nature, if you have something that is specific to your childrens' learning/well-being then the standard THS community processes should be used, thank you.