How the P&C supports learner/student inclusion within the THS Community

As the key stakeholder in the THS Community, we include learners/students in discussions and decision-making.

This inclusion not only creates a better outcome for the community as a collective but also gives the learner an authentic learning opportunity.

Notes for the Learners/Students

P&C General Meeting

As the learners/students representative at the P&C general meetings you add a lot of value to all the conversations - we love to hear from you.

At the P&C general meetings (8 per year) there is a standard agenda item for you to let the group know what the students have been achieving and also to ask for our assistance on any matter.

You are added to a P&C emailing list so you know when meetings will be held.

Support Groups

There are support groups for the Canteen, Uniform Shop, the Uniform (Clothing) Review Team, Environment, Band and Social Events.

As a member of the support group you can be involved in all the conversations and decisions that impact the THS community.

"the latest"

Periodically the P&C sends out a "newsletter" to all THS community parents. There is a section in the newsletter for you to use to update the parents on learner/student activity with photos etc.

Current Version

Programs / Funds

To help you make your project ideas a reality, we have established a number of programs with funding as per the P&C budget...

This a fund ($10,000 per annum) that the student leadership group can use for their THS Community improvement projects that have been approved by Principal.

This is a way to suggest improvements to the school - for example fixing up the basketball rings

You submit a request online and it is assessed by the Environment Support Group.

Depending on the scale and type of project ,we can help fund it while you manage it, or we can manage it with you.

First step is to Submit Online

Making a change website

The THS Community Start Up Program is available to assist with initiatives that need initial funding or planning and compliance support.

For qualifying projects, funding can be asa loan (to help with cash flow) or an investment (or both) to help get started with the long term plan of being self-sustaining

The THS Community Musical we initiated using this program.

If you have any questions please email Simon:

There is also a quick introduction to the THS Community P&C @