Planning & Transformation Support

We support the THS Community's planning & transformation.


We are part of the THS community's planning proccesses.

We support planning based on the key learning frameworks:

THS Community Supported Self Driven Learning Framework

Department of Education NSW School Excellence Framework.


We are active members of the Transformation Coordination Group (TCG).

The group includes professional learning facilitators (principals, teachers, staff), students & us (P&C).

The TCG supports building of shared understanding of goals and purpose.


We provide design services that support the THS community learning frameworks.

eg the design of the THS Community Journal.


We help gather observations from parents, including what they value.



Being involved in the planning, design & transformation processes allows us to share information with parents, and align P&C-provided services, eg the canteen, with the THS community plans/values.

Reference Frameworks

There are two key frameworks used in the planning process;

Supported Self-Driven Learning Framework (SSDLF)

The SSDLF is the THS community's unifying learning framework. It is based on community values and the importance of understanding: self, social interaction, caring for others, food, environment, activity, thinking, language & arts/music.

It is based on the core elements: shared understanding, structured thinking, authentic experiences, reflection, environment, accountability & growth recognition.

It incorporates the 4Cs, learning dispositions and other frameworks and tools.

This framework is currently in development.

School Excellence Framework (SEF)

The SEF is the Department of Education NSW's framework for measuring school performance in a student-focused environment.

Learning: culture, curriculum, wellbeing, assessment, performance and reporting.

Teaching: Classroom practice, data skills, professional development.

Leading: Education leadership, planning, resource management, practices and processes.

Community: Engaged, shared vision and strategic priorities

It is the basis for the 4-year School Plan.


The SSDLF & SEF support both the local community's values and the state of NSW's values;

With a focus on students as people, each person is known and understood, nurtured, guided, inspired and self-motived (authentic purpose) - leading to a strong sense of self (their wellbeing).

Decision-making is driven by reflection (via observations and captured learning data) in combination with social interaction and inclusive planning processes.

A supportive environment that is healthy (well-aligned with learner & learning partner needs) in respect to food, clothing and the built & natural environments.

THE SSDLF is a unifying learning framework being developed by the THS community.

It incorporates basic human needs and learning frameworks including: NESA curriculum, Department of Education NSW Wellbeing Framework, 4Cs, learning dispositions, school excellence framework and genernal frameworks on healthy eco-systems.

It is a supportive, rather than a prescriptive framework, allowing for creativity and load-sharing in learning facilitation.

It recognises that learning partners (teacher, staff, parents) are key to the wellbeing of young people in the THS community, particularly their spritual wellbeing (sense-of-self).

A key element of the SSDLF is a supporting online Journal which is currently in development.

Reflection / Planning Cycle

The THS Community planning/design processes are stakeholder driven - planning starts with a checkpoint to ensure relevant stakeholders are included.

The more the stakeholders understand why a decision is made, via inclusion, the better the decision and its impact will be.

Students/learners and their learning partners are primary stakeholders within the THS community.

Students/learners (SLG representatives) and Professional Learning Facilitators (teachers, staff, principals) work together in planning sessions to build the THS Community/school plan based on the SSDLF and SEF.

Planning Model