Built, natural, equipment & technology.

We work to improve the natural or built environments that support the THS Community.

We are currently thinking about a gardening club and also a team focused on recycling the waste generated by the school environment - if you can help please let us know.

To find out more email @ environment@ths.community

Master (Coordination) Plans

The THS Community environment is primarily managed using two key master (coordination) plans:


A learner driven approach to sustainability relating to THS environment; energy (raw or embedded in products) consumption & waste.

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Designing changes to the THS environment

Making the change to the THS environment

Working @ THS on environment changes (site visits)

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The architectural history of THS

"Innovations in school master planning took place within the NSW Government Architect’s Office c.1962-5, with Michael Dysart’s doughnut shaped classroom blocks grouped around a large central space, an acknowledgement not of progressive pedagogy as such but that the external environment of the school might shift the emphasis from the classroom interior, hence spaces such as courtyards, niches and open ‘squares’ as places of learning and socialisation."

Environment Support Group (ESG)

(P&C Sub-committee)

The environment support group (ESG) is an oversight committee that sets policy in conjunction with the student-lead environment management team (SEMT), the THS Executive and the P&C manager responsible for the day to day project management of environment projects..

The ESG is made up of five(5) P&C members, two Student Leadership Group students, and by default the P&C President (or rep.) and the Principal (or rep.) .

There are two roles that need to be filled by the P&C members, which are the coordinator (convenor) & minute-taker.

The ESG meets once a term for an hour.

The roles are filled at the AGM or through out the year if required.