MPC Tea-room ("Kitchen") Refresh

(Project E010 & E023)

A THS community project for upgrading the MPC Tea-room ("Kitchen").

Initiated by the environment support group conjunction with the social events team and funded by the adopt-a-space program (parent funded).

Budget $25,000

The project respects the designing changes to the THS community philosophy, architectural history, and current needs of the learning community, including student-driven engagement.

If you need a place for a "cup of tea" to critically reflect and get away from it all, or collaborate with others, or just sit quietly to be creative on your own, then this may be the space for you....

This project supports the THS community war-on-waste initiative by ...

Supplying reusable cups for use at events instead of once use paper/plastic cups

4 Star of higher energy rating on appliances; dishwasher: 4 Star & fridge: 5 Star.


How to use the Hydro Tap

And just to remind us, some photos before the refresh ;-)