Mowing & Trimming


A THS community project for the maintenance of the grounds.

Periodic mowing & trimming.

Grass must be maintained to prevent grass seeds (allergen), and minimise snakes and so suitable for recess/lunchtime seating and to be aesthetically pleasing.


Mowing & trimming areas as per the orange areas on the map below ie not the ovals.

On average 16 hours/month.


You will be given restricted access key for gate entry.


As this an educational facility there are restrictions on the hours that can be used to complete the mowing and trimming.

School term:

Mowing and trimming (due to noise & child safety) can NOT be:

Monday to Friday before 3PM

Saturday 10AM to 4PM

School holidays:

There are no restriction, except of course standard council allowable hours for noise control.


As this is an Education NSW (Dept of Ed.) managed facility you will need to complete a child safety declaration online @

You will provide your own equipment and supplies (fuel etc)


Send an email to