The THS Community Sustainability Framework

A learner driven approach to sustainability relating to THS environment; energy (raw or embedded in products) consumption & waste.

The THS community natural spaces & built spaces master plans are supported by this framework and is also a part of the THS Community learning framework.

"As we care for ourselves and other, we can for our environment"


Facilitated by THS Community Environment Support Group

1. Baselining / Fact find

(Starting 2020)

Energy usage using Energy Map (below)

Current solar capacity (MPC)

Waste generation and disposal

Existing state level policies/programs (including Education NSW)

eg Solar My School

Example Energy Map ...

2. Design

The development of the framework and the seed projects - direct or as part of the built/natural master plans.


Discussions with key stake-holders

3. Implementation

Planning for change

4. Reflect

Reflect on the framework development, the team and outcomes for the THS Community.

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A Radical New More Sustainable Sharing Economy

Some Recent Initiatives


Say no to single-use cups!

The MPC kitchen space has reusable cups (white/yellow) in the pantry.


Support for re-usable containers

Implementation of drink dispensers.