P&C support program for THS Community members.

Looking out for each other, as at some point we all need support.

Large Scale Support; COVID-19

The impact and response to controlling COVID-19 within Australia has impacted many people, and in particular the vulnerable within our community.

In working with the school we are looking for ways that we can help students, particularly were the change in school operations going online has impacted them the most in terms of equality of access to education and their well-being.

Areas of support we are currently exploring;

Access to laptops.

Assisting with access to learning & well-being support.

We’d like to start with a big thank you to all the teachers, staff & executive who are, as always, working tirelessly to support our children. We love you for it.

We appreciate the effort that you have put into the move to online learning & support - especially with the understanding that you also need to look after yourself and your family.

-- the THS community P&C on behalf of the Parents.


We are working on ways that we can help the THS community, including the potential redirection of some of the budget to support students who are in need, and ensuring that access to education is available for all.

We are also reviewing all the government stimulus/support packages. We have put in place support for the staff who work with the P&C.

Connecting with other parents

A reminder that the Social Events support group has set up parent year-group contact lists that you may wish to use to connect with other parents.

We will re-share the links with each of the year groups shortly.

Something to watch/read

Also, if/when you get to the point where you’ve run out of things to watch ;-), then a reminder that the Most Likely To Succeed film is available to watch for free, the link to access it is @

Also we have some reading @


If you have any thoughts/ideas on how the THS Community P&C could assist the community, then please email


We are supporting the THS Community Wellbeing team by setting up

Stay safe, as we look out for each other in these different times,

The THS Community P&C