Social Events

Do you think life's better when shared? We do.

We organise events that support and bring the community together.

We are always interested in talking to people that can help with;

Being a social events year group coordinator.

Organise all of THS community events - eg Trivia Night

Help run the Twilight Markets.

To find out more email  

Connecting Parents for Informal Social Events & Information Sharing

Adding your details to the online parents email list allows you to exchange useful information via email and to learn more about the THS community.

The online email list also keeps you up to date about social events – a pleasant way of meeting other parents. 

You manage your own information and you add as much information as you are comfortable with - starting with your name and contact email,. The email list is shared using a private web-link and is just for your child's year and the list is available to parents on the condition it's used for school related purposes only - no advertising.

The Social Events Parent Year coordinators

Our social events support group is a great way to know and keep in touch with the families in the year group of your child’s year. 

Parent year group coordinators help by:

Coordinating opportunities for the parents and carers to get to know each other, by organising social events- morning tea, lunch or dinner, special get together for parents 

Year 7 / 8

On hold due to COVID-19

Year 9 / 10

On hold due to COVID-19

Year 11 / 12

On hold due to COVID-19

Social Events Support Group

The social events support group works wth the student-based support groups to help to organise events to bring the community together and support the learning community.

The support group is made up of three(3) members, two Student Leadership Group students, and by default the P&C President (or rep.) and the Principal (or rep.) .

The coordinator (convenor) needs to be a P&C member.

We meet once a term for an hour and otherwise on email.

The roles are filled at the AGM and/or through out the year if required.