Uniform Review

In Term 3, 2018 we ran a survey of students, parents and staff at Turramurra High School.

There was an excellent participation rate from all sectors of the community.

Overall the responses indicated that uniform is considered to be valuable and important. There is very strong support for uniform among parents and staff. While student opinions were much more mixed, there were more who felt it was favourable rather than unfavourable.

A Uniform Review Team has been formed comprising students, staff and parents. The review team will be completing a thorough analysis of the data in order to properly understand the responses. After this process of data analysis is complete, team members will make proposals for changes to uniform items or policy based on the results. Considerations will include wellbeing, comfort, practicality, affordability, appearance and community perceptions. Any proposed changes to the uniform will be informed by research into options and consultation back to the community.