Working together for the well-being of the young people in the THS Community and the people who support them

In Response to COVID-19

We’d like to start with a big thank you to all the teachers, staff & executive who are, as always, working tirelessly to support our children. We love you for it.

We appreciate the effort that you have put into the move to online learning & support - especially with the understanding that you also need to look after yourself and your family.

-- the THS community P&C on behalf of the Parents.

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Note; the 25MAR Meeting has been cancelled to assist with minimising the spread of COVID-19.

Our next meeting is scheduled for

24 JUN 2020

The information session is a review on what we observed during the COVID-19 lockdown and what can we learn from it?

Information session starting @ 7:30PM, with meeting to follow.

Finished by 9PM!

General Meeting Dates for 2020

19FEB, 25MAR, 20MAY, 24JUN, 23SEP, 21OCT, 25NOV (AGM)

We meet twice a term.

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