Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 15th November 2017 @ 7:30PM

Drinks & nibbles from 7PM!

The November meeting includes the AGM and a General Meeting.

The AGM is held and then followed by the General Meeting.

If you are new to the THS community or the P&C, we have a quick start page just for you @

Known Vacant Positions for 2018

General Committee; Secretary

Canteen; Secretary

Social Events; Coordinator

Environment; Coordinator, inc. Working-bees

You can of course join any committee as a member, without holding a named position.

Community-owned, student-driven, professionally supported.

We have done a lot of work on the THS P&C organisational structure to, through the use of professionals, make the positions oversight and manageable (rewarding) by volunteers.

If you're interested, but not sure, please email to ask any questions or meet.

The Meeting

Nomination forms are completed, members join or renew membership using forms and paying $1.

The AGM is chaired by the President with required reports and Minutes being tabled and adopted as per P&C Association practice. Once the business of the meeting is resolved the Returning Officer (usually the Principal) is invited to host the elections.

The Returning Officer declares all positions vacant.

The ballot is conducted by the Returning Officer. Where the Principal is not available the Returning Officer position in determined by the meeting and must be someone who plays no part in the election. (i.e. Does not stand for a position or cast a vote).

The Secretary should give all written nominations to the Returning Officer.

General meeting is then held as usual.

AGM Checklist

General committee

President and two Vice-Presidents,



up to six Executive members


Convenor (coordinator),




Convenor (coordinator),



Social events

Convenor (coordinator),




Convenor (coordinator),



A quick overview of positions


They are the person who chairs the meeting and ensures the committee is functioning as per the constitution.

Vice President:

They stand in when required for the President and are an active member of the executive.


They are responsible for the admin tasks associated with meetings. They prepare the agenda each month and advise members of the meeting. They also take minutes of the meeting and handle the correspondence. There is not so much correspondence these days with the internet. They manage the secretary’s email account as well as the general feedback email account.


They ensure we have policies and procedures in place for financial management,. They work with the THS P&C accounting management provider.

Executive member:

They participate at meetings, attend exec meetings when required and email based discussions.

Sub-committee Convenor:

They ensure for the sub-committee is functioning and report back to the P&C general committee. They are typically also an executive member.

Sub-committee Secretary:

They are responsible for admin tasks relating to the sub-committee, setting the meeting agenda and taking meeting minutes.

Sub-committee Treasurer-assistant:

They are responsible for managing the finances of their sub-committee as well as liaising with the P&C treasurer and accounting management provider to ensure all requirements are met.

After the Meeting

Complete P&C Federation’s Member Register Update; under ‘Members’ - this will ensure that all of the office-bearer information is up to date.

Update the Australian Business Number (ABN) register. P&C Associations are required by law to tell the Registrar of the Australian Business Register within 28 days of any changes in your registered business details, including changes to the authorised contact person.

Update the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) Registration - P&C Associations will need to update the responsible person information and contact details within 60 days of any change.