How this website was built

THS P&C information uses G Suite to manage its information, including sharing via websites and capturing via forms.

We use the Google Not-For-Profit program to access it for free.

To get access to the Google Not-For-Profit program and also other special deals you will need to sign up and validate your P&C with Connecting Up.

You then get a token to use with G Suite for free access.

This site was built using the new sites building tool with in G Suite - not to be confused with the old Classic one.

To start a new site go to Google Drive, select a folder, then New > More > Google Sites.

Online Meeting Sign

We use a Google Form to track meeting sign-ins which can be accessed @ or via and on the home page clicking Meeting Sign-in.

The sign-ins are collected into an online Google Sheet and accessed by the P&C Secretary.

During the meeting attendees sign-in using their own smartphone by pointing the camera at a printed QR code which takes them to the Google Form ie

Setup Steps

Once the Google Form has been created, copy the link (ie like and go to and then past it into the box and click Copy - save this link some where for sharing later.

To generate the QR code, go to and in the Your URL box past the form link (it can be the long one or shortened one it doesn't matter, as both end up at the Google Form). Then click Create QR Code - you can then download as PNG and insert into document with the shortened link, print copies and laminate etc for the meeting.

This website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

So please use and share (as we have) any part of this website.