General Manager

The general manager role is a broad role that manages the day-to-day tasks that are not specifically managed within a subcommittee, and supporting those subcommittees that do manage day-to-day tasks. The role includes mentoring and interaction with the learning community within the broader THS community.

The role requires working with many different groups; students, volunteers, professional staff, professional learning facilitators (teachers), executive, and requires a good amount of flexibility in approach, and a strong sense of the hard-to-measure, if not unmeasurable, values of a community and a sense that “profit” is multi-dimensional and not just financial.

The educational and learning environments are changing and as a key parent body in the THS community we are always looking at ways to added to this environment. This role includes an element of mentoring as we make the Canteen and other THS P&C owned trading businesses accessible to students and learning facilitators (teachers) as a authentic space to learn.

Role Objectives

Establish and maintain process and procedures as per the THS P&C policies.

Manage operational concerns & associated compliance obligations.

Input on strategic direction.

Work with the professional learning community to create authentic learning opportunities.

Specifically ensuring that ...

Canteen is:

    • a community and educational hub.
    • a place students actively engaged, contributing to positive outcomes and setting direction, and gaining retail, management and business experience.
    • a place parents can get involved in their community – not just to help out in the canteen, but to get a real sense of what the students are achieving, and what a special place THS is, as over time this will feedback out into the broader community
    • actively engaging teachers and staff – integrating food choices in the canteen with course curriculum in PE, CAFS, Food Tech etc
    • a fully integrated part of the school community.
    • producing food that is healthy and enjoyable to eat - including accordance with all relevant policies, especially in relation to healthy food.

Uniform shop:

    • meets community expectations of equity and a sense of belonging at a reasonable cost
    • is constantly working towards improving uniform supply quality and reducing costs.

Environment (“Grounds and buildings”) is:

    • managing the community contributions and margin generated from the community owned operating businesses (canteen, uniform shop) and ensuring it is invested in the THS learning community (school) environment effectively.
    • working with the school and external suppliers to manage projects and expedite project delivery.

Social events:

    • Logistically supported (including catering coordination) where / when required.


    • ensuring compliance as an employer… FairWork Australia, staff management, Tax, ACNC, Workcover, Insurance, Payroll, Financial Accounting, including banking.
    • helping set direction in collaboration the P&C committee.



  • End of term management report, including financials reporting to be presented at P&C general meeting
  • End of year financial and management report.

Employment Considerations:

  • Engagement; 6 months probation
  • Termination; major breach of controls, consistent underperformance, role is no longer viable (redundant)..
  • Notice of termination (both-ways); 2 months.

Community Safety:

  • Working with children check
  • NSW Education department checks

THS Learning Community:

  • Mentoring of students in regards to; organisational practices & day-to-day tasks
  • All activity in collaboration with THS Principal.

Performance Measures / Controls:

  • Key financial measure is in regards to the committee approved annual budget in terms of;
    • Margin generated form community-owned trading businesses;
    • Delivery of project environments
  • Number of students engaged within trading businesses & number of student years engaged - ie how broad is the engagement
  • Annual learning community survey feedback for school leadership
  • All compliance (THS P&C Policy & Common Law) items are completed.
  • Minimum of 40 hours per week.
  • 20% of time allocated to authentic learning assistance



  • At least three(3); with at least one(1) in relation to management skill and one in relation to work in a professional educational context.
  • 6 Month probation period