Positions / Roles Summary

Getting Involved in the THS P&C Committee

Community-owned, student-driven, professionally supported.

We have done a lot of work on the THS P&C organisational structure to, through the use of professionals, make the positions oversight and manageable (rewarding) by volunteers.

If you're interested, but not sure, please email pandcpresident@ths.community to ask any questions or meet.

Positions Status for Year Coming Up.

So we can keep supporting the THS learning community, and particularly the student driven initiatives, we need work on filling the positions/roles marked in the diagram (see link below).

President and two Vice-Presidents,



up to six Executive members

Convenor (coordinator),

Minute-taker (optional*),

2 P&C Members

Convenor (coordinator),

Minute-taker (optional*),

2 P&C Members

Convenor(s) / President(s)

Secretary (minute-taker),

Treasurers Assistant

Convenor (coordinator),

Minute-taker (optional*)

2 P&C Members

All sub-committee's have the P&C President (or rep.) & Principal (or rep.) as default - and also include two student representatives from the student leadership group.

* If the minute-take role is not filled then the convenor must ensure that a nominated person is selected as minute-taker before each meeting starts.

A Quick Overview of the Roles/Positions

We have included some time estimates for each of the roles - they don't include attending the general meetings which are as a minimum once a term for 90 minutes maximum.


They are the person who chairs the meeting and ensures the committee is functioning as per the constitution.

4 hours per term.

Vice President

They stand in when required for the President and are an active member of the executive.

2 hours per term (executive meetings)


They are responsible for the admin tasks associated with meetings. They prepare the agenda each month and advise members of the meeting. They also take minutes of the meeting and handle the correspondence. There is not so much correspondence these days with the internet. They manage the secretary’s email account.

4 hours per term as per tasks doc.


They ensure we have policies and procedures in place for financial management,. They work with the THS P&C accounting management provider & general manager.

4 hours per term as per tasks doc.

Executive member

They participate at meetings, attend exec meetings when required and email based discussions.

2 hours per term.

Sub-committee Convenor

They ensure for the sub-committee is functioning and report back to the P&C general committee.

Canteen & Environment Support Groups; 2 hours per term.

Sub-committee Minute-taker

They are responsible for admin tasks relating to the sub-committee, setting the meeting agenda and taking meeting minutes.

Canteen & Environment Support Groups; 2 hours per term.

P&C Federation Position Information; president, secretary, treasurer, sub-committee coordinators.

The school Principal is ex officio member and can vote like any other member, more about their role...

These positions/roles hold no special powers, they are just there to ensure the P&C organisation, members and volunteers have the structures they need to work well.

The P&C employees a General Manager (Simon De Rosa; pandcgeneralmanager@ths.community) to manage the community owned trading businesses (Canteen, Uniform Shop), assist with environment projects and authentic learning support.