THS Community P&C

Next General Meeting

In Response to COVID-19

We’d like to start with a big thank you to all the teachers, staff & executive who are, as always, working tirelessly to support our children. We love you for it.

We appreciate the effort that you have put into the move to online learning & support - especially with the understanding that you also need to look after yourself and your family.

-- the THS community P&C on behalf of the Parents.

General Meeting

Welcome & Introductions, Acceptance of minutes

P&C Executive Update

Principal Update

P&C General Manager Update, incorporating financials (first meeting of term), canteen, uniform shop & environment (including improve.ths support).

Canteen, Environment, Band, Social Events, Student Leadership (including URT), Startup projects (eg musical) updates.


General discussion

If not meeting via zoom, then the location is as below...

We meet on a Wednesday at least once a term.

A list of the dates are in the home page.

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