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Next General Meeting

In Response to COVID-19

A big thank you to the teachers & staff for all the workthey put in to support our children. We love you for it.

We appreciate the effort that you have to put in to make online learning & support work - especially with the understanding that you also need to look after yourself and your family.

We recognise how your caring positively impacts the well-being of our children and younger people of our community in general.

Take care, and we hope to see you soon at our shared community home at 104 Maxwell one day soon!!

- the THS community P&C on behalf of the parents.

Next meeting is a zoom on the
15th of September 2021

7:30PM for 7:40PM start, finish by 9:00PM

Information session is;

Supporting our education system and teachers.

By Pauline Condon

These are challenging times for students, parents and teachers and the impact COVID-19 continues to have on our public school communities cannot be underestimated.

Pauline will talk to the impact and how we as a community can help.

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