Making the change to the THS environment

including DEC Obligations

Next steps after design and project has been approved by the THS community as per Designing changes to the THS environment.

Once THS community approval for the project has been obtained (see Project Management diagram below) the project needs to be lodged with the Department of Education and Communities (DEC)  Infrastructure (

Following is based on Education NSW (DEC) policies that changed on the 1st of July 2018.

Smaller projects use the Fast Track program.

"The School Principal is responsible and accountable for the approval of any works that occur under this policy.  Approval is granted when the School Principal signs the Relevant Checklist". - DEC Project Management Guide.

Education NSW (DEC) Project Obligations

Documents Folder / Considerations Overview Guide

School or Community Funded Works DEC Notification

Low Risk

Not Low Risk

Risk Management

Template Document

Community Safety

Working with children obligations

Projects are considered non-child related then as per the diagram in references section; then identity check, appendix 5 declaration and person search of eCPC -- WWCC checklist & more on safety...

Heritage Register

Turramurra High School is not on the NSW Heritage Register - local area list.

Asbestos & Services Register

Contact THS Admin to check this THS managed registers.

Trades Licensing

Online Register

Project Completion

Handover Document


THS Environment Change Flow Diagram

Working with children requirements

Education NSW Project Flow Diagram

General Contractor Requirements

Contract check template to be completed and signed by contractor, which covers;

Public Liability Insurance (minimum value $20m) 

Workers Compensation / Personal Accident Insurance (for single trade, no employees) 

Long service levy (construction projects over $25,000 inclusive of GST, does not apply to landscaping) 

Does the Contractor hold the appropriate license to carry out the works?

Does the Contractor comply with the relevant Australian Standards for works undertaken? 

If "high risk construction work", have Safe Work Methods statement been completed?