Management of Obligations

Compliance of the THS P&C Inc.



NSW State Law;

and then P&C Prescribed Constitution;

and then P&C By-laws,

and then THS P&C Sub-committee rules.

Trading Units

Australian Commonwealth law;
including fairwork regulations;

and then NSW State Law,

and then P&C Prescribed Constitution,

and then P&C By-laws,

and then THS P&C Sub-committee rules,

and then THS P&C policies and procedures.


A budget is approved annually by the P&C members via a General Meeting, governing expenditure for the coming year. Sub-committees,  using the P&C Federation Constitution's delegated authority, manage expenditure on behalf of the member base within the limits of the approved annual budget, based on close collboration with the DoE educational team (Principal, Deputy Principals and other school staff).


We use internet based systems to manage the information in regards to our compliance to obligations;

Internal Systems;
eg G Suite,

Annual budgeting


We employee a General Manager, who's role includes managing the day-to-day compliance.

Including obligations to safety of our staff.


The THS P&C Inc is independationally financially audited annually via direct access to our accounting records and supporting evidence stored in

Internal Summary Checklist


The THS P&C Inc is insured as part of its membership of the NSW P&C Federation.

Insurance is provided by the P&C Federation

Certificate of Currency

Turramurra High School P & C Inc.

27 747 657 233

104 Maxwell St, Turramurra, NSW, 2074

PO Box 5126, South Turramurra, NSW, 2074

Certificate of Incorporation (2002)

Australian Business Register Details / Tax Deductibility Status

Privacy Policy

We are registered with ACNC (the equivalent of ASIC for non-commercial entities)

ACNC Listing

Auditor is Mr. Amit S Kurlekar of ASK Audit & Advisory Pty Ltd

Fundraising Licensing

Incorporate P&C Associations in New South Wales public schools are exempt from the need for a fundraising authority, as they are established under the NSW Education Act 1990, and Section 9.3(b) of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 states that organisations established by an Act and subject to the control and direction of a Minister can fundraise without an authority.  [source]


P&C Federation; Subcommittees

For Enviroment Support Group Subcommittee P&C member approved annual budget (at AGM) is the resolution of expediture.

P&C Budgeting Framework