Information, Listening & Educational Sessions

Understanding the needs of the THS education community is a great way to ensuring the P&C stays relevant and also find out what interesting things our children get up to!

Generally each P&C meeting starts with a 30min information & education session.

Details of the next meeting...

We thank all the people that take the time to present and share their passion with us. 


We hope you can join us at the next one ...

 by Soumya Sharma & Hayden Milne, Year 11 members of the THS Student Leadership team

14 JUN 2023 @ 7.30 PM 

 by Evelyn Stevenson, THS Literacy Coordinator 

14 JUN 2023 @ 7.30 PM 

 by Megan Pollard, THS Deputy Principal

29 MAR 2023 @ 7.30 PM 

 by David Arblaster, THS Principal

23 FEB 2023 @ 7.30 PM 

by THS Deputy Principals

19 AUG 2022 @ 7.30 PM 

P&C Planning for 2021

By Mark Byers

21OCT2020 @ 7:30PM

THS P&C planning  for 2021, and how we can best support the THS community

Including budget allocations for approval at AGM (November)

Planning Presentation

Budget 2021 Presentation


By David Arblaster (Principal)

23SEP2020 @ 7:30PM

David Arblaster will talk through the frameworks & processes that are in place to support the continuing transformation and school community planning - with a particular focus on the next 4 year plan.

And how we can support planning & transformation.

Presentation (Slides)

Observations during COVID-19 Learn At Home

By David Arblaster (Principal)

24JUN2020 @ 7:30PM

The information session will focus on observations of student learning/wellbeing during the COVID-19 lockdown and what we can collectively learn from it, and what is happening already as a result of it.  The session includes a run through of the survey designed to capture THS community observations and thoughts - to be sent after the meeting and review.

The 4Cs.

By David Arblaster (Principal) & Daniel Buttrey (Head of Teaching & Learning)

19FEB2020 @ 7:30PM

A workshop by David Arblaster (Principal) & Daniel Buttrey (Head of Teaching & Learning) on teaching and learning plans for 2020, covering the 4Cs, the learning dispositions and more. 

Come and be a part of the THS community learning transformation.

A talk by year 7 students on their experience working & learning in the canteen.

By six newer members of the THS Community and Canteen Management Team.

23OCT2019 @ 7:30PM

Thank you to the six newer members ("Year 7") of the THS community that spoke passionately about their experiences working in the THS Community Canteen and, to use their words, the positive impact it has had on them in terms of:

Social skills development

Being pushed outside of their comfort zone

Applying learned maths skills

Developing empathy through helping others

Feeling connected to the THS community

Wanting responsibility

Getting work experience

Having fun with friends & others!

A sense of purpose, linked to learning

"We can no longer fight the feeling... it's time to do a musical!"

By Kate Paull

THS Community Musical Support Team

21AUG2019 @ 7:30PM

The THS P&C is supporting an all of community musical, initiated and passionately supported by Anne Kenyon & Kate Paull.

Anne & Kate together have a long history with the THS community and are co-creators and facilitators of The Sound Studio.

We believe a musical will add greatly to the THS community and alongside the performance opportunities for the students, it will bring many authentic learning opportunities within the 4Cs (creativity, collaboration, community and critical reflection) framework.

The musical will be professionally supported and funded and will engage as many of the THS community (starting with the students) as it can in all aspects of producing the musical.

The musical is a first use of the P&C Start Up Program.

More about the musical...

"An overview of the changing assessment techniques for Mathematics in response to the new syllabus."

By Denise Halliday

Head Teacher Mathematics

19JUN2019 @ 7:30PM

Denise spoke about her background (most recently Cherrybrook High School) and the work the THS learning facilitators are doing to change the way they teach (facilitate) Maths learning - with less focus on once-off-exams and more focus on ongoing assessments based on authentic scenarios and making it fun, engaging and reflective!


"Introduction to the THS community Clothing Framework"

By the student members of the clothing framework/uniform review team

15MAY2019 @ 7:30PM

The student representatives of the uniform review team spoke about the new clothing framework as a response to the community survey.

Details of the framework @

"Re-imagining year 7"

By Daniel Buttrey (Teaching & Learning), Melissa Sharman (Deputy Principal) & Jeff Lambert (Relieving Deputy Principal) 20MAR2019 @ 7:30PM

The world has changed and in order to stay relevant the THS  learning facilitation community is changing!

In 2019 the THS community took the next step with a new program for introducing  young people (the Year 7 group) to the THS community - with a continuation of the focus on creativity, communication, collaboration & critical reflection (the 4Cs).

The information session was hands on;  we got to experience this new, authentic way of observing, reflecting & educating - with more of a focus on the skills that  have traditionally been referred to as "soft". These so called 'soft skills' are the skills that will help our kids in the real world, throughout their lives.  They are the skills that current employers in all industries are looking for. 

The P&C thanks Daniel, Melissa & Jeff for their time and we recognise the innovation in this work and look forward to supporting  it as we progress!

More information in the presentation and transformation plan below;

Presentation (PDF)

Transformation Plan (PDF)

"Our canteen"

By the Student Canteen Management Team, 17OCT2018 @ 7:30PM

It's been a year, and the Student Canteen Management Team, supported by the Canteen Manager & Staff, have made some impressive changes to canteen, including the expanding of the student volunteer team and deepening its involvement, improving our food selection along with processes to support producing it, increasing community involvement, and compliance with the NSW Healthy School Canteen Policy. 

"Mathematics & Transformative Learning"

By Ali Razzaghi, Head Teacher Mathematics, 15AUG2018 @ 7:30PM

Ali Razzaghi, Head Teacher Mathematics, spoke about the faculty's Window of Certainty which drives the decision making, the new assessments in Junior Years, and the new Senior Syllabi, changes in content and assessments -- and transformative learning and Maths.

Presentation (PDF)

Senior Syllabus / Junior Syllabus

Five Principles of Extraordinary Math Teaching | Dan Finkel | TEDxRainier

Mathematics is the sense you never knew you had | Eddie Woo | TEDxSydney

Maths - Finding the inspiration factor

More about transformative learning @ THS and also how to watch the Most Likely To Succeed film.

"What is InSite"

By Megan Pollard & Ajith Karunaratne, 20JUN2018 @ 7:30PM

Thank you to Megan & Ajith for taking the time to talk about InSite  and how it has positively impacted the teachers and the THS community.

"Wellbeing Initiatives"

By Dave Merrick, Head Teacher - Welfare, 16MAY2018 @ 7:30PM

 A session for parents on the initiatives around the wellbeing support program and engagement of Lucy Dahill.

Download the presentation (pdf)

A note from Dave Merrick ...

With the recent success of two parent forums in 2018, 'Transition to Yr 7' held in Term1 and 'Elevate Sustainable Studying' held in Term 2, the THS Welfare team would like to expand parent forums to being a more regular event. Initially, this could be once a term but may increase if parent identified need demands it. Please take some time to complete this survey to identify the areas of wellbeing, parenting and mental and emotional health that you believe would be valuable to cover in parent forums.

Complete the quick wellbeing online survey now...

"Experiencing the 4Cs Classroom" 

Margo Bowen, Head Teacher - Teaching and Learning, 21 Mar 2018

Part of the TL@THS initiative

Turramurra High School is currently transforming everything that relates to the how our children learn - as parents the more we know, the more we can support and be part of the journey.

View the presentation

"Education either functions as an instrument which is used to facilitate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity or it becomes the practice of freedom, the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world". (Freire)

SMH article authored by the pedagogue we're working with Prof Michael Anderson

 4Cs Transformative Learning - Miranda is the one we've worked with closely.

"School Community Direction" 

Stephanie McConnell, 21 Feb 2018

A session by Stephanie McConnell on how school community is transforming to align to a changing/changed world!

"Our Canteen" 

Student run Canteen Management Squad, 18 Oct 2017

The student-run canteen management squad spoke to us about their vision for our community canteen, and how they want to make the canteen both healthy, fun and how Food is life!!

It was such a great learning experience for all - especially for us as parents.  It reinforced how as parents we need to work with them and support them, but most importantly, in lots of different ways, we need to "get out of their way" as they continue to learn how to change their world -- and  beyond ...

And also, when we talk about changing education practices for the "future", to these students the "future is now" and in many ways it is us who have to react and learn from them.

They have such passion, and it is exciting to see where they plan to take our community canteen -- as a start!!

Check out their presentation (below) for all the details.

Community-owned, student-driven, professionally supported.

The Student Presentation

P&C Presentation 18th October.pdf

How we work together

THS P&C Canteen Collaboration (1).pdf

If you have some time to support the student management squad and the community canteen with volunteering in the canteen or on the supporting committee then please contact - it all helps!

"School Planning Consultation Workshop" 

Stephanie McConnell, 21 Sep 2017

Stephanie McConnell ran a workshop for feedback on how best the school can engage with parents as part of the three-year school planning process.

Thank you to all the participated, great discussion and insights.

The 4Cs, and how they are guiding the future of education

Stephanie McConnell, 22 Jun 2017

Creativity, Critical Reflection, Communication & Collaboration...

The world we live in is changing and as a function of our society so is education.  In this talk Stephanie McConnell outlined the beginning of a new vision for the education of our children; making it authentic and focused on the importance of agency to our well-being - the students and the people that support them - including us.

A enlightening session and great discussions.

In support of this the THS P&C has initiated the "together" education support program with an initial funding of $25,000.

A video by year 10 students talking about their passport project

A key part of the learning framework ...

Example of a student driven class, and what they believe  ...

THS 4C’s Learning Introduction
Discussion Paper_ Future_Frontiers (1).pdf

"We are holding on to schools that we know rather than evolving the schools that we need" 

Professor John Fischetti - University of Newcastle

What did happen to the laser cutter?

Will Delves, Industrial Arts, 17 May 2017

The purchase of the laser cutter was assisted by the parents of the THS community (via the P&C) with a $25,000 grant in 2016.

Since then it has had a deep impact on the industrial arts facility, not only in what can be produced by the students, but just importantly in the how they do it - reinforcing the 4Cs.

They produce projects that simple could not be produced using traditional industrial tools.

Students use visual software to draw up the the work, specifying depth of cut and shapes.

THS Laser Cutter.mp4

The software image is then sent to the laser cutter, much like a printer.

See it in action

As part of their project based learning initiatives students produce items which are sold at the Christmas markets - teaching them about how a thought/idea can, through the use of technology and collaboration, be used to add value to someone else's life - in this case the a sale of the item to them.

And of course students just produce for their own benefit or anyone else that gets to see them...

David Jackson, Head of Industrial Arts...

The 4C's, Future Focused Learning, Project Based Learning - they are all important concepts in student learning.  Concepts that the Industrial Arts faculty are already very familiar with in their teaching and learning; particularly the areas of creativity and collaboration.  The challenge for the Industrial Arts faculty is, being a technology based subject, staying abreast of the ever-changing nature of contemporary technology.  We are very appreciative of the support we have received from the parents (via the P&C) and also very fortunate to have teachers like Will Delves to lead the way.  The laser cutter is a great example of technology unlocking the potential creativity of a student by reducing the barriers in place when using older craft-based construction methods.

Thank you to Will Delves and David Jackson for taking the time to share with us about what happened to the laser cutter - we loved it!

What next?