Teacher Selection Panel Assistance

Each teacher selection panel includes a P&C representative (parent) to help with creating the job criteria, short listing, interviewing and selection.  If you're interested in assisting with this important teacher recruitment role, please read on! 

Firstly, you will need to be a financial member of the P&C - join online here.

If you have completed the training as part of your involvement with another school then it is valid, so please just notify the P&C president ...

... otherwise, the next step is to complete the online training.

Once you complete the training, please notify the P&C president and you will be added to the list of available parents.  

When a panel is to be formed, the THS convenor will then contact the P&C and check your availability.

What's involved in being on a selection panel?

1. Assisting with the role criteria "job ad"; typically by email.

2. Reviewing the applications; online/by email.

3. Shortlisting; meet at the school (or zoom) and create a short list based on applicants and then call shortlisted applicants two referees - the duration depends on the number of applicants and how many are shortlisted.  Decide on who to interview.

4. Interviewing; meet at the school, typically one week after shortlisting, and assist with the interviews (typically 30 to 45min) - the duration obviously depends on how may are being interviewed.   Once interviews are completed, discuss and then call third referee.  Final discussion/selection.

DEC Panel procedures & responsibilities

Parent Panel Training

Panel member responsibilities