War On Waste!

(Environmental Sustainability)

The THS Community is committed to reducing it's waste and is constantly seeking out ways to reduce any harmful impact on the environment.

Environmental sustainability is a core value of the THS community and we are in the process of building a sustainability coordination plan to cover all THS Community activities, purchases etc....

Some Ideas

Based on recent activity at Kiama HS.

Collecting bottles and cans for the Government’s Return and Earn scheme.

Conducted a waste audit of a week’s worth of waste.

Changed their waste management provider to Cleanaway. This allowed the school to implement commingle recycling and food recycling in the school.

Purchased new bins for the school playground, staffrooms and classrooms (paper/cardboard, commingle recycling, landfill and food organics).

Acquired an e-waste recycling bin from Reverse E-Waste.

Sustainability education for the school community including students and staff.

Overhauled packaging in the canteen, including a reduction of packaging and a move towards compostable and recyclable packing.

Promoted and implemented Trash-Free Thursdays to reduce single-use packaging in the school.

Installed zero waste boxes to recycle items not traditionally recycled such as coffee pods, office supplies and beauty products.

Installed a Battery World recycling bin.

Installed hand dryers to reduce paper towel use.

Recent Sustainability Activity

Say no to single-use cups!

The MPC kitchen space has reusable cups (white/yellow) in the pantry.


Support for re-usable containers

Implementation of drink dispensers.