How To's

(Help on using the THS community facilities)


How to set up the MPC Kitchen for catering an event

Students are always encouraged to help ("as part of it's your school"), so your children with a friend are always welcome to come and help out.

If you need help with catering email

How to I get boiling & chilled water?

The kitchen is fitted with a Zip Hydro-tap, see the image below for instructions on how to use it.

Not getting any water?

If you are not getting any water it is most likely because the safety has been turned on.   To turn the safety off hold the cold tap down and put your thumb over the red light at the front at the same time for 10 seconds

If you do it again then the safety will be turned back on!

If this doesn't work then click off the power switch for the Zip Water unit - it's near the Zip unit on the right hand side wall at the back - then after 20 seconds flick the power back on.

Any other issues call Zip on 1800 460 222 (serial number).

Where is the coffee, tea, plates etc?

You will find it all in the pantry next to the fridge, you can use what you need, but if you see it is running out then send an email to