Who we are, how we work together & when/where we meet

The P&C is a volunteer member based organisation.

We work together for the benefit of the THS community.

To support the running of the P&C there are number of positions held by fellow members; president, vice-president(s), secretary, treasurersub-committee coordinators

The school Principal is ex officio member and can vote like any other member, more about their role...

These positions/roles hold no special powers, they are just there to ensure the P&C organisation, members and volunteers have the structures they need to work well.

More about what's involved with a position...

The P&C employees a General Manager (Simon De Rosa; pandcgeneralmanager@ths.community) to manage the community owned trading businesses (Canteen, Uniform Shop), assist with environment projects and authentic learning support.

We meet on a Wednesday at least once each school term.

First meeting of the year is in February.

We hold the AGM in November.

At each meeting we run an information session by a teacher, student or parent about something innovative.

You don't have to be a member,  just come along.

We start at 7:30PM and are always done by 9PM.

Except the first meeting of the year when we have "Welcome drinks and dibbles" so start at 7PM!

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Constitution, By-laws etc 

P&C Positions nominated in the November 2023 AGM

P&C President

Maria Florencia Amigo

P&C Vice-President(s)

Tracey McFarland

P&C Treasurer

John Fisk

P&C Secretary

Jane Air

Environment ("Grounds") Convenor

Vacant (Expressions of interest welcome!)

Social Events Convenor

Vacant (Expressions of interest welcome!)

Executive Members

Maria Florincia Amigo

Jane Air

John Fisk

Jane Gow

Melinda Black

Taryn Khamlu

Please email the President if you would like to become an executive member.

We meet in the THS common room or on zoom. 

Sub-committees meet in various locations. 

The THS common room is located in E block, reference G9 on the map below.

Enter the school at A4 and then come through the reception front doors at F5 and walk through the foyer, the room is then directly in front of you on the 2nd story.

Standard Parent Contributions






Building contributions are tax deductible, our registration details can be found on this ABR page.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Our Annual General Meeting is held in November each year as per our constitution and by-laws -  it is held in conjunction with a General Meeting.

At the start of the AGM meeting all positions are made vacant and people can nominate other people for a positions of office-holder on the general committee or sub-committee.

To be an office-holder you need to be a financial member - you can join online.

We have done considerable work on our organisational structure with the use of professional support to ensure the office-holders positions are manageable as an occasional volunteer.  Most of the office-holder positions are considered to be over-sight (ie policy setting) only.

At the AGM the social events team kindly provider drinks & nibbles and we review the year just gone.

If you require more information or would like to chat about a position please contact pandcpresident@ths.community!

more information on how the AGM works...

Welcoming new parents to the school (Orientation Day) 

We run two welcome days at the end of January.

THS Community P&C Services Orientation Handbook (pdf)