GSuite Help

We use G Suite to manage all our information centrally.

G Suite was previously called Google Apps.

THS P&C Sub-committees use G Suite to manage their role specific emails, operational information and share information with others within the THS community.

We have free access to G Suite based on our membership with ConnectingUp as a Not-For-Financial-Profit.

If you need any assistance please email

And don't forget our children use G Suite every day as part of their education; so they may be your best source of help!

There is also G Suites education site with step-by-step guides

Signing In To G Suite / Checking Email ...

There are a number of ways to access G Suite, and you can use the way that best suits you, but if you are new to G Suite we suggest going to and then logging on.

You can then check your email and to go to another App like Drive, Docs, Sheets etc, click the nine-dots menu option in the top right.

Your username is your email address and you would have been sent a password - if not, please email

Switch to another G Suite app (application)...

Once you have signed in, you can then switch to other applications like Drive, Docs etc)

To do this click the nine-dots icon on the top right.


We set up role based email addresses, which makes it easier for transitioning volunteers and also all emails are backed up.

You can set up desktop alerts or add it to your smartphone email app. (see below).

Logon on to Gmail

Setting up email forwarding or accessing on your smartphone

Drive (Folders/Files)

We use Drive to store all the P&C files.  Each sub-committee has it's own folder and self-manage the sharing of files etc.

Logon on to drive


We use forms to collect data from the community.

Data is collected and automatically stored in an online spreadsheet (G Suite Sheets).

Automatic emails can also be sent and PDFs created.


We use Docs (which is an online equivalent of Word) to create documents, eg procedures, minutes of meetings etc.


We use Sheets (which is an online equivalent of Excel) to manage lists etc


We use Slides (which is an online equivalent of Powerpoint) to do presentations.


We use Calendar to manage volunteer rostering (like the canteen).

Sites (New)

We use the new Sites app to manage websites (like this one).

In Drive right click and select New Site.


To manage group emailing -eg to members.

When using apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides there is no need to save  as it happens automatically in the cloud. 

You can access your information from any device connected to the internet.  

You can also have a number of people viewing or editing the same document at the same time, so great for collaborating.

You control who has access by click the Share button in the top right and clicking Advanced option (bottom right).

Using GMail to manage your emails

GMail is a cloud based, meaning you don't need to worry about anything and can access emails anywhere/anytime!

Once you have signed in to gmail, as per the instructions above you can access your email and send it as per below.

Watch the online step-by-step tutorial

Step by step email forwarding set up

Quick Tips

Make a copy

If you have a document/file and want to use it as the starting point for a new document then either;

Rename a file

If you need to rename a file then either;

Move a file to a different folder

If you have a document/file and want to move it to another folder;

Share a document or folder

If you have a document/file/folder and want to control who has access to it;


You can filtering data in a G Suite Sheet to help find information.

Email Alerts & Smartphone Access

To set up alerts when new emails come in;

To get your email in a iPhone/Smartphone;

Internet Access @ THS

If, as part of a function of a THS P&C committee, you need to access the internet on a consistent basis then you will need to use a mobile-data service.

We have found that the Telstra 4Gx connection using a Netgear Nighthawk M1 offers an excellent connection  - as  you can see with these speed tests near the uniform shop.

Tip: You are better off to invest in a good connection, as the lost time due to a poor connection can be significantly more expensive.