By Your Side

The by-your-side program is a way for parents to assist student initiatives of the  leadership group/program.

The THS Student Leadership Group (THS-SLG) is a key part of the THS community; they work on many student driven initiatives, which in themselves have an educational value and resulting impact on the THS community and the community at large (via charities).

 Some of these initiatives need funding and potentially expert assistance. 

How it works

The by-your-side assistance is aimed at supporting THS-SLG projects.

It is designed to add to the work done by the THS-SLG in response to their initiative.

At the start of each year the P&C sets an overall budget amount of $20,000 for funding assistance.

At the end of each year the THS-SLG will run a 10min information session (as part of the P&C AGM) on how this assistance worked for them, and how else we can support them.

If there is something that requires more funding beyond this budget and it relates to the THS environment then the THS-SLG can consider accessing the “improve-a-space” program in conjunction with a teacher.

Notes for Student Leadership Group for Environment Projects

Once, you as the THS-SLG, agree on the projects you want to implement then;

1.  The design needs to be completed using established design guidelines.

2. Approval for the project needs to sort in conjunction with the school executive.

 3. Once approved, then you need to prepare the documentation for making the change in conjunction with the THS Business Manager.