Designing changes to the THS environment

Guiding Principles

Does it facilitate a learning space?

Can it be student driven?

Is the creation of the space itself a learning opportunity?

Is it adding to what is already there? 

Projects start and end with key stakeholders.

Does it incorporate natural elements?

Built Ideas

Furniture (Inside) Ideas

Natural Ideas

Planting Advice

Jocelyn visited THS and made the following planting recommendations and general recommendation of using layering in the garden design.

Ku Ring Gai Council, Greenstyle Advisor, Jocelyn Chenu,

The THS planting guide...

Planting in front of Reception building


Escallonia 'Pink Pixie' (Dwarf Escallonia)

Strap leaved plants, ground-covers & spillovers;

Casuarin (Cousin It)

Dianella caerulea 'Breeze' (Paroo Lily)

Grevillea lanigera 'Kangarutha Form' (Woolly Grevillea)


Depending on the project, we use and combination of commercial and/or community sourced products.

Education NSW Procurement