Welcoming the new members of the THS community

(Orientation Day) 

As part of orientation day (first week in December) the THS P&C run a number of activities to support the new parents with how the can get involved in the THS community - adding to the well-being of their child/children.

The canteen student team serve food & drink to the parents - running sheet.

We run a stand to answer any questions and just say hello.

The band run their own information sessions.

The "Hello" Talk

A quick talk  by the P&C President - it covers;


Our focus - well-being of students and people that support them and out programs.

Talk about pandc-hello.ths.community

Promote the twilight markets

Introduce the students who talk about experience in the canteen +

Orientation Day Coordination

in more detail

The morning tea  is served by the  canteen team using this running sheet.

Set up starts at 8:45AM.

Tables are set up by the school admin.

240 "Welcome" hand-outs are printed by the school office for inclusion in the parent-packs.

Food & Drinks

Food supplied by the canteen:

For parents; 2 fruit platters and 2 cheese platters, server from MPC Kitchen

For students:  bread & sausages for the student BBQ and water melon slices.


For parents: Coffee, tea, milo, water served from the MPC Kitchen

Tips on using the MPC Kitchen Hydro Tap...

Student team running sheet for serving tea/coffee and snacks

Supporting Resources

QR Codes 

Hello & Welcome

Getting Involved

MLTS Movie