THS P&C Programs

Supporting the THS Community

We provide a number of programs to support the THS community.

The programs are supported by the annual member-approved budget.

Access to the program funds is via "improve.ths".


(Educational Support)

As we work together to educate the younger members of our community (typically our children) it is important that we support the professional learning support team with their innovations in learning.

The together program is a way for the professional learning support team to reach out to parents (via the P&C) for assistance; in the form of funding or perhaps parent expertise.

The together progam is funded out of the pre-approval P&C budget "together" section and can be used to support professional development of staff and wellbeing staff.

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"By your side"

(Educational Support)

The by-your-side program is a way for parents to assist our student leadership group initiatives.

The THS Student Leadership Group (THS-SLG) is a key part of the THS community; they work on many student driven initiatives, which in themselves have an educational value and resulting impact on the THS environment and the community at large (via charities).

We assist their initiatives by directly funding or matching the funds they raise.

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The THS Community Start-up Program is available to assist with initiatives that need initial funding or planning and compliance support.

For qualify projects, funding can be as a loan (to help with cash flow) or an investment (or both) to help get started with the long term plan of being self-sustaining.

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A program that allows students, teachers, staff & parents to propose an improvement to a space.

This program is managed by the THS community Environment Support Group (ESG).

Projects are funding out of "Environment" funds pre-approved in the annual budget, which is managed by the ESG.

Improvements can be to improve a built or natural space itself or an element of a space ie furniture, artwork (eg mural) or equipment.

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"Authenic Learning Support"

A program that allows students to be actively involved in P&C run organisations - learning skills and real-life activities that reinforce, the 4Cs; collaboration, communication, creativity and crtical reflection.

eg working the canteen