The THS Community Sustainability Framework

A learner driven approach to sustainability relating to the THS environment; energy (raw or embedded in products) consumption & waste.

Driven by the THS core believe that
"Everything we do is to create the least-harmful society."

The THS Community Sustainability Framework supports the natural spaces & built spaces master plans  and is also a part of the THS Community learning framework.

The Third Industrial Revolution.

The simplifying impacts of the Third Industrial Revolution are far reaching and can have a deep positive impact on us and our environment.

A key to this is an understanding in learners that our society is a function of us, as much as we are a function of it.

At THS we "start local" by allowing learers to actively be involved in bring the values of the 3rd industrial revolution to the THS community and its associated environment and work towards a least-harmful use of resources.

As a learner-driven framework the Sustainability Framework is supported by the Student Leadership Group and drives project based learning initiatives.

Sustainability projects are financially supported by the THS community improve.ths program and environment grants (private, council, state & federal).

All purchases of products (via improve.ths) and checked for sustainability of the core embeded products and also the production process.

RIAA is used as a reference.

The Framework

Baselining / Fact find

(Annual Review)

On an annual basis the energy usage using Energy Map (below) is updated and mapped to current.

Current solar capacity (MPC)

Waste generation and disposal

Existing state level policies/programs (including Education NSW)

eg Solar My School

Example Energy Map ...


All design with in the THS community considers sustainability.

Discussions with key stake-holders


Direct investment in sustainability projects are support via improve.ths and managed using the THS journal.

Critical Reflection

As a community we reflect on the framework and outcomes for the THS Community - looking for ways to improve  and make as inclusive as possible.


 A Radical New More Sustainable Sharing Economy

Some Recent Initiatives 


Say no to single-use cups!

The MPC kitchen space has reusable cups (white/yellow) in the pantry.


Support for re-usable containers

Implementation of drink dispensers.


"As we care for ourselves and other, we can for our environment"