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Hello and welcome to the first THS P&C update for 2018.

Thank you to Stephanie McConnell

We cannot start this update without recognising the work that Stephanie McConnell has lead during her time at Turramurra High School.

Together with her team she has helped THS become a compassionate, respectful and welcoming community.

Her refreshing approach is centred around caring for each individual who comes to the school each day - our children. She leaves a school that knows itself, and it’s place in the wider community, and this is reflected in our children.

As parents, we thank you for all you have done to care for and inspire our children.

Thank you, Stephanie, for showing us that in a world that has become more and more governed by systems and measures, what really matters is the unmeasurable.

We wish you the best with your new venture, and look forward to seeing you as part of our community.

2018 Budget Approved

This year we have continued to develop and fund our three main THS community programs;

by-your-side, together & adopt-a-space

We are now working with the school leadership to ensure that the P&C funds complement and support the school's plans for the year. The available funds for each program can then be included in the school’s planning and budgeting processes - with a clear, shared understanding.

We can then work towards supporting the programs with people and funds - ie your contributions of money & time and surplus funds generated from our community-owned businesses (Canteen and Uniform Shop).

Budget for 2018

Information Sessions

The first two information sessions this year have been focused on the transformative initiatives @ THS.

more about the information sessions (including photos & presentations)...

Next info session is 16MAY @ 7:30PM (as a part of our general meeting). Dave Merrick is talking about the new wellbeing initiatives that the THS P&C "together" fund are supporting, including the engagement of Lucy Dahill.

Most Likely To Succeed

To aid with transformative learning initiatives at THS, we have purchased the Most Likely To Succeed film using the THS P&C together fund.

"Most Likely To Succeed is a thought-provoking documentary feature film that reveals the growing shortcomings of conventional education methods in today's innovative world. The film explores compelling new approaches that aim to revolutionize education as we know it, inspiring school communities to reimagine what students and teachers are capable of doing. To date, MLTS has screened for thousands of audiences around the world, igniting conversations and empowering change along the way. Share the film with your community to activate change now.

From Director Greg Whiteley (Last Chance U, Mitt,) and Executive Producer Ted Dintersmith (author, Most Likely to Succeed)."

More about the film

You can watch the film @

If you are part of the THS community email to obtain the username/password.

Teacher Selection Panel Assistance

We have had a good response to our request for more panel members, including our need for a better gender balance, and now have 7 parents trained. Thank you.

If you are still interested you will find the link to the online training at the bottom of this page.

We have a number of events coming up;

Athletics carnival BBQ on the 9th May . If you can help, please let us know!

Comedy Night (Term 3)

Trivia Night (Term 4)

If you can help in any way please let us know.


Term 1 was another great term for the canteen. Highlights included:

Student involvement continues to grow, with 30 students now involved in the running of the canteen, and older students becoming more deeply involved in management and decision making – for last year’s presentation by students, see "Our Canteen" presentation.

A number of new Year 7 parents joining our volunteer team – although we are always looking for more parent volunteers! To register your interest and become part of the canteen community, please email

Installation of our new open front food warmer. Using infrared technology and having no doors, means much easier and faster for students to select their food, and improved food freshness.

The addition of a fantastic new range of gourmet salads.

Sales of over $135,000, by far our busiest term ever – students and staff are clearly loving the ongoing improvements to the menu.

Stay tuned for further developments in Term 2!

Next canteen committee meeting is 7:45am Thursday 7th June (meet at reception). We need more people on the committee, so please come if you can help!

Simon & Sue,

Most Year 7 students completed their fittings and uniform purchases during one of the number of extra times made available in late Term 4, meaning that all last minute purchases on the day before school were able to be successfully accommodated. Work on the uniform review is continuing, with a survey to the entire school community scheduled to be sent out during Term 2.

We would ask that all parents and students please keep an eye out for this survey, as your feedback will be an important input into decisions on our school uniform which will be in effect for the next 5 years (until our next uniform review!)

We note that pants/shorts for female students is a hot topic!


The design for the new Science Collaborative Learning Space is developing well (more details/drawing), and we have started the initial design phase for the "MPC Kitchen".

Our current projects

Working bee coming up on the 20th of May!

Sign up here

More on the architectural history of THS and it's revolutionary modernist design...

Our junior bands (Concert Bands 2 & 3) attended a Band Camp at Crusaders @ Galston in March providing them with two and a half days of intensive instrument tuition and rehearsals. This was great preparation for the first big performances of the year in the North Shore Schools Spectacular which was held at the Chatswood RSL on Saturday 24 March. Our junior bands performed, also, at the Festival on the Green at St Ives on Sunday 6 May.

Planning is under way for the Regional Tour to Tasmania in August and for the international tour to the U.S. in December 2019.

Linda & Anne,

We have created a Hello & Welcome quick start for new parents, it's also helpful if you're not sure how the P&C works, it's @

Our next meeting is 16MAY @ 7:30, details here.

Can you help?

On the THS P&C website (this website) you will find an “Getting Involved” section which contains a quick 2min survey where you can let us know what is important to you and also how you could potentially help - we love to hear about what is important to parents.

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