THS Community "Library" Collaborative Space Refresh


A place to meet create, collaborate & reflect as a group.

As the THS Community Library moves beyond just being a space to "store books" and transforms into a place to meet, collaborate, create and reflect, we are progressively looking at the spaces within it and how they can best meet these community needs.

See for more information on environment change management within the THS community.

A brief overview...

Key Stakeholders Types (Users of the Space)

THS Community (as the "owner"), Library Team, Learners, Learning Partners (Facilitators) & Other Education Providers

Key Use-Cases

THS Community Learning Framework Discussions

Event Planning


Free Work Space

Food / Drink Preparation

Book Processing

THS Community Well-being Discussions

HSC Marking

Hosted Events


Project Management

THS P&C Environment Support Group will act as project coordinators.

Professional design services.