THS Community MPC Audio Visual Refresh


A part of the THS Community Audio-Visual Support Framework

Budget: $100,000

The Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC) is a highly used space.  It is used by many for many different reasons and reliable and robust audio-visual system is key to the functionality and usability of the MPC

From Basic (I need to play some music) through to more Advanced Band performances, Musicals ....


Enclosure, Fittings, Sound Input, Sound Output, Visual Inputs, Visual Outputs, Lighting Outputs, Controllers, Integration (Existing Systems), Support

Key Stakeholders (Users)

THS Community (as the "owner"), Learners, Band, Musical, Other Organisations (Commercial & Community based)

Key Use-Cases

Assembles, Band Performances, Dance Performances, Musicals, Presentations.

Design Objectives

Self-supporting for many different types of users (some known and others unknown)

Projection;  The MPC is used for sporting activities so consideration for the protection of equipment is needed. As one of the stakeholders and use-cases is by anonymous users then security from damage/theft needs to be considered.

Full production capability

Project Management

The MPC AV refresh is to be delivered as 4 sub-projects; Sound Equipment, Controllers & AV Hub, Lighting Equipment & Controllers, Installation & Enclosure Construction